deluxe groom kitDeluxe Grooming Kit: includes the four violet grooming tools in the photo.
A: Grooming Brush, cleans violet foliage without damaging it; Use it on show plants or just to clean up a plant after repotting it. Keep one hand under the leaf you are cleaning when working on the outer row of leaves.
B: Grooming Tweezers, perfect for getting in where fingers can’t reach to remove unwanted suckers (side shoots); also for snapping off spent blooms;
C: Leaf Cutting Knife, which is terrific for preparing leaf cuttings, and for scraping the “neck” of an old plant in preparation for rerooting;  (The Leaf Cutting Knife now has a blue-black handle.)
D: Retractable Blade Knife, just the thing for cutting out large suckers to save and root.

Deluxe Grooming Kit item #802 (4 items) $32.59 includes shipping
If sent with other supplies, Item #802A $29.19, 3 oz 

   Grooming Kit items are sold separately on p. 18 + 19 of the Growing Supplies catalog.
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