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     Growing Supplies shipments - I can ship Growing Supplies via Priority Mail International.  Surface Mail has been discontinued by the US Postal Service.    I can give you an estimate of the shipping costs, but actual costs may vary slightly when the items are packed in boxes.  I have shipped orders over the years to Sweden, Hong Kong, Taiwan, The United Kingdom, Bermuda, Canada, and Thailand.

    Send me via e-mail a list of the items in which you are interested and I will send back a shipping estimate.  If the items in your order can fit into a box that measures 12 x 12 x 12" or smaller I can use 1st Class Package International Service.  This is usually less expensive than Priority Mail international. 

    Orders for African Violet seed can most often be mailed via 1st Class Mail International Large Envelope, which is the least expensive method.  Only seeds can be shipped by this method as the thickness cannot exceed 3/4".   If ordering seed please be sure that your Dept. of Agriculture allows you to import African violet seed.  I cannot determine this for you.

    Canadian customers  report that the import fees they must pay to receive shipments are much less if I use US Mail to send their shipments to them rather than using United Parcel Service.  I will assume that Canadian inquires want US Mail estimates for shipping supply orders unless United Parcel Service is specifically requested.

    Customers send me orders by  telephone, by e-mail, and by postal mail.  How to reach us.  

                             Please do send me your credit or debit card account number.


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