From unique flower pots for African violets to great big lighted plant stands I have lots of gifts for the African violet grower in your life.  You can download the Growing Supplies catalog and the Plant Stand Supplement for a complete look, or see below for a sampling of some of the most popular gift items.

    How to Order:     How to Reach Me.  I can  ship any of the these items to you (or directly to your gift recipient).  I accept credit and/or debit cards through Paypal.

    How I ship:  Items are sent out via United Parcel Service ground or USPS Priority Mail.   Orders for violet seed, and for Gift Certificates are sent via USPS 1st Class Mail.  The  plant stands are drop shipped from the factory.  Shipping and handling charges are additional for most items.  You can contact me for a total of the item(s) and shipping/handling.  View and/or print out the  Order Blank

Gift ideas for Violet Growers

Table Model Grow Light Stands -  Sizes ranging from 24" long to 48" long.  Each will fit on a flat surface of suitable length.  Grow lamps are included.  Prices range from $63.89 to $129.49

              Details in Plant Stand Supplement p. 1

Economy Flower Stand - can be used in many different growing situations.  Available with or without light fixtures.  Item #783 priced from $54.49 to $156.89 depending upon features chosen.

Details in Plant Stand Supplement p. 3-4

Floor Model Grow Light Stands  

Tall 'N' Trim Compact Stand - holds many plants, but occupies a small space.  Item #759 $446.89 to $505.49 depending upon options chosen.

Details in Plant Stand Supplement p. 3

African Violet Seed -  yes, you can grow violets from seed.  Each package contains approximately 100 seeds.  Five different kinds of seed are available.  Prices start at $7.29

  Details on pp. 20 +21 of the Growing Supplies catalog

There are also various kits from which to choose including various unusual flower pots, grooming tools, and seed kits for African violets in the section of Special Offers.


Can't decide?  I also offer Gift Certificates in any amount you wish.  Contact me with the amount, and the recipient's name + address.

Good Growing!

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