11x22_tray_dome Growing Supplies catalog   A wide assortment of unique items for growing this popular houseplant....pots, trays, wick, soils, seeds and more
3half_pots_tc Updates, Specials, Close-outs   includes  changes, if any,  to items in the Growing Supplies catalog such as out of stock notices and items discontinued by manufacturers.
jump start stand Plant Stands Supplement   describes and illustrates the various lighted plant stands I offer.  Some are table models and some are free standing floor models.
ups_logo         usps_logo PLACING YOUR ORDER: To place your order  email (violetshowcase@yahoo.com), or via postal mail (P. O. Box 300091, Denver, CO 80203-0091), or by phone (303) 204-5937 and let me know what you would like to order. I will prepare an estimate including the fastest, most economical shipping method and relay that information to you.  You are welcome to print out the order blank and email it to me as a .pdf file also.

SHIPPING METHOD: Orders are shipped either via United Parcel Service or The US Postal Service.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Personal check, money order, or credit or debit card through Paypal. I can send a Paypal invoice to you via email. One does not need a Papal account to pay a Paypal invoice. Orders shipped to a Colorado address will be charged 2.9% state sales tax.
    Please do not send me your credit card information
pencil_order_blank Order Blank
Please feel free to call or e-mail  if
you have specific questions about products. 
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