African Violet Seed

Seed_offer     Each hermetically sealed packet contains approx. 100 seeds (approx. 50 seeds in the packets of miniatures) and includes detailed planting instructions. You can expect to get 25 - 30 plants from each packet. Many customers report very high germination rate. The fun of seed growing is the unpredictability factor. You may get something very ordinary, or something truly extraordinary. Each seedling from the five seed types listed below will be different from the others. They will display various bloom colors, leaf sizes, shapes, etc. Each plant will have its own personality, and you can name your favorites and perpetuate them by leaf cuttings. Bloom colors will vary in all of the types.
     For plants grown from the Green Leaf, Trailing, Miniature and Variegated type seeds only the foliage can be predicted. The blooms will vary widely in color, size and type. Even on plants grown from the Fantasy type seed, the bloom color may vary greatly. There is no record kept of which varieties were used to make the crosses that produced this seed.

     I suggest you plant only half of the seed packet at a time. That way if you have a failure you won't have lost all of the seed, and if all of those planted sprout you won't have so many to work on at a time. Violet seedlings usually bloom 5 to 7 months after you plant the seeds. Because the seed is slow to grow and bloom this project is not suitable for most children.

     Trays, dome covers, potting medium, and pots are sold separately in the Growing Supplies catalog.  The pots, soil, trays, domes, and peat pellets shown in the instructions are not included with the seeds.  Beginners will find the Green Leaf Seed and the Trailing Habit Seed best with which to start. There is no on-line ordering capability. Orders come to me by phone, e-mail, or postal mail.

        Each offer listed below is for one packet of seed and includes detailed instructions, and postage/handling (to US addresses).

STANDARD SIZED GREEN LEAF SEED (regular sized plants with green foliage) Item #700D $12.79 per offer. (Each additional packet : $8.89 each)

TRAILING HABIT SEED (will display varying degrees of trailing growth habit) Item #702D $12.79 per offer. (Each additional packet : $8.89 each)

MINIATURE SEED (will display varying degrees of the miniature trait.) (50 seeds only) Item #703D $14.19 per offer. (Each additional packet : $10.29 each) 

STANDARD SIZED VARIEGATED LEAF SEED (regular sized plants with white marked foliage) Item # 701D $14.19 per offer. (Each add'l packet : $10.29 each)

STANDARD SIZED FANTASY BLOOMS SEED (regular sized plants wit spotted blooms) Item #704D $12.79 per offer. (Each additional packet : $8.89 each)

I can mail seeds to customers outside the US.

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