African Violet Seed Kit 

Seed_kitThis kit consists of a clear plastic, re-closeable planting box, Propagating Mix sufficient to fill it, and one packet of African Violet seed which you choose from the 5 different types described on pp. 20 - 21 of the Growing Supplies catalog. Also included are step-by-step illustrated instructions that will tell you how to plant the seed and what to expect. First bloom can be 6 months or more after sowing. The first price shown for each kit includes shipping.  The prices in parenthesis are for kits shipped with other items.

Item #700B Green Leaf Seed Kit, $18.99; (#700C, $11.19)

Item #701B Variegated Leaf Seed Kit, $20.39; (#701C, $12.49)

Item #702B Trailing Habit Seed Kit, $18.99; (#702C, $11.19)

Item #703B Miniature Seed Kit, $20.39; (#703C, $12.49)

Item #704B Fantasy Blossom Seed Kit, $18.99; (#704C, $11.19)

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