Deluxe Wicking Kit

deluxe wicking kitAll of the supplies necessary to wick water up to six violets plus detailed instructions. Wick watering uses a nylon cord that is inserted part way up into the soil of your plant through one of the drainage holes in the pot. The wick, by capillary action, slowly pulls water from the container up into the soil. Includes an 8 oz. tub of Jack's Classic 12-36-14 African Violet Plant Food, a 3 quart bag of Violet Showcase Potting Medium, 6 clear 16 oz. wicking reservoirs with lids, six 3" pots, six 4" pots*, 6 yards of thin wicking cord, 1 yard of thick wick and the VIOLETS THE SHOWCASE WAY Booklet.   The 4" pots are now brown.

DELUXE WICKING KIT, Item #800, $25.69 includes shipping;
 If sent with other items,  Item #800A, $16.59, 34 oz.

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